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Whenever your rights are at stake, you deserve to have an aggressive advocate on your side, someone who will tenaciously defend your future. At J.Bouchard Law, you can find this high-level representation. Our defense is backed by proven results and a tireless commitment to asserting our clients' every right.

We also realize there is no such thing as a minor charge. Whether you need to reinstate a suspended license so you can keep your job, or you are fighting for your freedom against drug crime charges, you can rely on our Virginia defense firm to protect your rights.

As our Chesapeake criminal attorney has successfully handled high-profile cases, our firm has proven our ability to skillfully defend clients' rights even under the pressure and scrutiny of the most demanding cases. You can count on us to deliver vigorous, quality representation.

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Fierce Defense for Serious Charges

Most people think they have no choice but to plead guilty after being criminally accused; but you can't afford to do that - not before consulting a defense attorney. Chances are, you can still fight your charge. You can fight for your rights, pursue a lesser charge, and perhaps see your charge dismissed altogether. Your future is at stake. You need and deserve unwavering advocacy. No matter the case, our Virginia criminal defense lawyer is prepared to launch a relentless defense of your rights.

Equipped with experience from his time as a prosecutor, our lead attorney, Mr. Bouchard, understands both sides of a criminal trial. This invaluable experience gives our clients an edge in court, even in federal court. Whatever criminal charge you face in Virginia or Suffolk, we have the qualifications to help you preserve your liberties.

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We can provide knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced defense, no matter the Virginia courtroom, no matter the evidence against you. Don't wait to see how our Virginia criminal defense attorney can pursue fair results for you. Find out what your possible defense strategies are in a free evaluation.

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