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The stakes for any crime are much higher in the federal court system as opposed to Virginia state courts. Many convictions bring mandatory minimum sentences and can tarnish your reputation for life. If you are accused of committing a federal offense, your first step should be to consult with our Chesapeake criminal defense attorney who can advise you as to how best to move forward to protect your freedom.

J. Bouchard Law has helped numerous clients in the past challenge their federal charges. We are a sought-after federal crime defense firm because Attorney Bouchard is a former prosecutor with broad jury trial experience. Even more, he is qualified to defend you in both state and federal courts which have differing procedures. When you are arrested for a federal offense, you need our experience and qualifications to protect your rights.

Contesting all Manner of Federal Crimes

Only certain crimes are handled by federal courts. These are often offenses which take place across state borders such as drug smuggling or human trafficking.

We can contest federal charges such as:

  • Federal drug conspiracy and other federal drug charges
  • Fraud such as Medicare, credit card, tax, etc.
  • Federal gun and other firearm charges
  • White collar crimes such as embezzlement

Because the federal government has immense resources, you need to begin your defense as early as possible. Federal prosecutors usually have enough evidence to proceed by the time charges are filed, so call our Chesapeake federal crime attorney as soon as you are charged.

Our former prosecutor defends our clients vigorously against any misdemeanor or felony charges and our experience with federal trials mean we know how to best navigate them in order to avoid a conviction at all costs.

We Work Hard Right from the Start

Much is at stake in federal courts, especially your freedom, as you could face harsh jail sentences with a conviction. Our Chesapeake criminal defense lawyer is unafraid of taking on the federal government to defend you and preserving your good name. Trust J. Bouchard Law, to work hard and argue fiercely on your behalf.

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