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Embezzlement is a theft crime can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the specific details surrounding the incident. Prosecutors seek to secure convictions by proving that the accused person stole money while he or she was entrusted to look after that money.

Misdemeanor charges may result if the money amounted to less than $200. Felony embezzlement can be charged if the properties amounted to over $200.

Additionally, prosecutors they will need to prove the following to secure a conviction:

  • The accused knowingly used the property for the purpose of depriving the owner
  • The accused tried to cover up or deceive the owner that the property was
  • The accused was someone that the owner trusted to handle the property

If all of these elements cannot be proven, you may have a defensible case. In fact, there are several possible routes that our defense team can take that can be useful to your situation.

What Defenses Are Available to Me?

You may have genuinely believed that you had the right or were given permission to take possession of the money that was entrusted to you. The judge may look leniently upon your situation if it can be proven that you were not aware that the circumstances led you to believe that ownership belonged to someone else. He or she may also consider the details that arose from the case, as well as the possible penalties.

Misdemeanor embezzlement charges may include the following:

  • Service in jail for up to 12 months
  • $2, 500 fine

Felony embezzlement charges could include:

  • 1 to 20 years’ incarceration in state prison
  • $2, 500 fine
  • Possible payment of restitution to victims

Additionally, a convicted individual may also be ordered to serve community service time and or probation. A seasoned Chesapeake white criminal defense lawyer can help you combat the arguments that have been made by looking for weaknesses in the evidence. Your attorney can also negotiate with the prosecutors to obtain alternative punishments and even fight to clear you from the charges altogether!

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