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From a speeding ticket to driving on a suspended license, your driving privileges will be affected, your finances could take a hit, and some traffic violations could even lead to jail time. At J. Bouchard Law, we understand what is on the line for you. Our Virginia traffic attorney is a former prosecutor who can utilize his insights to help you beat your charge.

With an aggressive representative on your side, you can safeguard your driver's license, save money, and you might not even have to show up in court. Don't hesitate to see how our Virginia criminal defense firm can help you.

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If you pay your traffic violation ticket, you are pleading guilty to the offense, a conviction that will stay on your driving record and could eventually lead to higher insurance costs, and even a suspended license. You really can't afford to have more than one traffic violation to your name, not even a "minor" one. Your best option is to not face any convictions at all. Whatever traffic violation charge you face, it's worth fighting the demerit points and penalties that come with it.

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For driving on a suspended or revoked license or a DUI charge, you could face a year in jail and a $2,500 fine for a first-time offense. Our Virginia traffic lawyer has successfully handled high-profile cases and can craft a winning case. From getting your ticket dismissed to beating a criminal charge and reinstating your license, you can find the tenacious representation at our firm.

Time is of the essence with these cases, so don't hesitate to contact us immediately.

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Starting with a free case evaluation, our legal advocate can inform you of your legal rights and options. No traffic ticket is too small to ignore, and no traffic violation is too intimidating for us to handle. Discover how we may be able to help you keep or reinstate your license!

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