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How Our Qualified Chesapeake Defense Attorney Can Help

What does it mean to be a member of the federal bar? It means more than being admitted to practice in federal courts. Attorneys who qualify for the federal bar also gain access to an extensive network of legal resources; resources you can benefit from if you work with a federal defense attorney in Virginia.

At J. Bouchard Law you can work with a Chesapeake criminal defense attorney who provides dynamic advocacy in both state and federal courts. No matter the legal arena, we can fight for your rights. Unlike many firms whose services are limited to certain types of cases, our firm can give you the edge you need against any criminal charge in Virginia.

Why do you need a federally licensed attorney?

In many criminal defense cases, both state and federal laws are at play, such as when a drug delivery charge involves crossing state lines, or an offense involves the internet (such as certain sex crimes). Your case could go to either type of court, or you might face multiple charges at once.

Not only are these types of cases complex, but state and federal courts have widely different processes. You need a legal advocate who is qualified to represent you in either court, prepared for whatever twists your case takes, and you further need a defense lawyer who fully understands both procedures, from training and from personal experience.

What other qualifications set our Chesapeake defense attorney apart?

  • Insights of a former prosecutor
  • Proven track record involving high-profile cases
  • Extensive jury trial experience

Whatever charges you face, you can be confident in the vigorous representation our firm can provide. Don't wait to see what we may be able to do for you. Starting with a free case review, we can go over the legal options available to you in any courtroom in Virginia.

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Our Chesapeake criminal defense lawyer can represent clients in any federal district court in Virginia, including courts located in Abingdon, Alexandria, Big Stone Gap, Charlottesville, Danville, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, Newport News, Richmond, and Roanoke.

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If you face federal charges in Virginia, or if you face both state and federal prosecutors, you can rely on J. Bouchard Law, where you can find the tenacity, experience, and unwavering legal support you deserve. Don't hesitate to see how our uniquely qualified lawyer can help you defend your every legal right. Call (800) 301-3552 to get started today!

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