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A former prosecutor can fight for you!

The importance of choosing the right defense attorney cannot be overstated. When your finances, career, liberty, and future are at stake, you can be confident choosing our Chesapeake criminal defense firm. Here, you can gain the advantage of an insider's knowledge of the opposition, benefitting from the insights that only a former prosecutor can provide. Attorney Julian Bouchard's experience working for the prosecution means you could have unmatched experience on your side.

What else does our Chesapeake defense lawyer bring to the table?

  • Aggressive and tireless advocacy
  • Notable experience handling jury trials
  • Qualifications to represent you in any state or federal court
  • Proven case results, even in high-profile cases

Our Chesapeake criminal defense attorney has been trusted by clients for even the most complex cases. Whether you need to deal with a traffic violation or battle the serious consequences of a sex crime charge, you can find the dedicated, tenacious representation you need at J. Bouchard Law.

When Your Future Is at Stake, Experience Matters

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When everything is on the line, you cannot afford to work with a lawyer who is just starting out, or with a public defender who is simply overburdened with cases. When you work with our private defense firm, you can be confident that our focus is on you and your unique case. Furthermore, you can benefit from working with a defense attorney who is well-versed in both sides of a criminal case.

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Our legal team understands the ins and outs of a victorious defense, as we have established time and again, building up an impressive track record. Fiercely devoted to defending our clients' every right, our criminal defense team provides the experience and dedication you can rely on.

We are proud to represent residents throughout Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Williamsburg, and Virginia Beach.

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